Interested in coming to Harokopio University for studies or for research?

Seeking to initiate a cooperation project with Harokopio University including mobility?

Hereunder some useful links for mobility schemes and grants other than the Erasmus inter-institutional mobility grants.


Contact the Ministry/ies of Education / Research of your country, to learn about opportunities into the framework of bilateral agreement in Education and/ or Research & Technology, between your country and the Hellenic Republic. Check for opportunities, scientific organizations - associations in your field of interest related to Harokopio University’s fields of study and research.

Ÿ Hellenic Republic,

   State Scholarships Foundation - IKY

See Scholarships for Foreigners

Ÿ Hellenic Republic,

   Ministry of Education and Cults

Ÿ Hellenic Republic,

   General Secretariat for Research & Technology

Ÿ Greek EURAXESS Portal

   EURAXESS Services Centre for Attica region / Athens

Ÿ European Commission,

   “Marie Curie Actions” - European Research Fellowship Programme

Ÿ ERC - European Research Council,

   established by the European Commission

See Fundings & grants

Ÿ Germany, DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst

   Fϋr Deutsche nach Griechenland

Ÿ FRANCE – Partenariat Hubert Curien – Programme Platon

Des équipes d'enseignants-chercheurs de l'Université Harokopio ont coopéré avec des équipes françaises dans le cadre du PHC-Platon

Ÿ From U.S.A. – Scholarships, Fellowships & Grants for U.S. to Greece


See Scholarships for American Citizens

Harokopio University has hosted US post-doc researcher and scholars, and HUA Faculties have been funded with grant in the fields of Nutrition - Dietetics and Geography

Ÿ Onassis Foundation – Scholarships for foreigners

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